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September 5: An interview conducted by CBC News for "The National" has been added to the GGK's Words section.

September 4: A new piece of reader art has been added to the art gallery. See Nana Leonti's piece here.

July 19: The upcoming trade paperback edition of Under Heaven has been added to the art gallery.

May 21: Added the cover art of the Estonian edition of Tigana to the art gallery.

April 17: A full page advertisement for the paperback edition of Under Heaven, which ran in The Globe & Mail has been added to the art gallery. See it here.

March 22: The fourteenth piece of reader art has been added to the art gallery. Alex Tokmakchiev shares his vision of The Lions of Al-Rassan. See it here: Even the Sun Goes Down

February 15: GGK has provided a bibliography for Ysabel, so if you're interested in some of the background reading GGK used in preparation of the book, take a look here.

January 24: The cover art of the US and Canadian paperback edition of Under Heaven has been added to the art gallery.

January 16: Added a link to a new interview, this one with Moses Siregar of Adventures in SciFi Publishing.

The cover art of the France edition of The Last Light of the Sund has been added to the art gallery.

August 8: Added a review of Beyond This Dark House by David Fraser which can be read here. Also, a link has been added to the collection of reviews of GGK's books by Jaquandor of the blog "Byzantium Shores"

July 15: Added a selection of reviews for Under Heaven.

July 3: Added a new piece of reader art to the art gallery, this one created by Goñi Montes as an illustration for the Washington Post's review of Under Heaven.

July 1: Added an interview with GGK by Patrick St-Denis of Read it here.

June 26: Added an instrumental piece to the Music & Verse section composed by Martin Sringett, inspired by Under Heaven. Listen to it here: Under Heaven (you can also right click the link and download it by selecting "save target as").

May 11: Added a link to the second of Paul Frehner's three movement piece entitled "Sarantine Polyphony." You can read more about it and follow the link to listen to it in the Music & Verse section of the site here: Sarantine Polyphony.

April 10: Click here to read the Author's Letter that was included in the ARC's of Under Heaven.

March 4: The new US cover art for Sailing to Sarantium and Lord of Emperors has been added to the art gallery.

January 12: A review of Tigana by N.R. Alexander has been added to the site. There is also a new interview with GGK which covers numerous topics, including some insights into Under Heaven.

January 2: Two new pieces of reader art have been added to the art gallery. The first is Fédéric Maisonneuve's rendering of Curdardh, and the second is Nick Mayer's photographic cover design for Under Heaven.

December 17: A new cover/poster for Under Heaven has been added to the art gallery, this one by Martin Springett. Prints of this piece, signed by both Springett and Kay, as well as the map for Under Heaven (also designed by Springett) will be available for order as posters in the new year. Take a look here.

November 11: A category for Under Heaven has been added to the "Books" section. Included are the covers of the upcoming Summer 2010 Penguin Canada Catalogue, which feature Under Heaven on the cover. Within this same catalogue (and also displayed here on site) is a two page spread showcasing GGK's backlist titles which have all been redone with new cover art. Take a look here.

The art gallery has been updated with new Canadian covers for Sailing to Sarantium, Lord of Emperors, andThe Lions of Al-Rassan. The US/CDN and UK covers of Under Heaven have also been added.

November 5: An interview with GGK, conducted by Alaya Dawn Johnson, has been added to the GGK's Words section. Enjoy it here.

Enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Head over to the Fun Stuff section for the latest addition: an online jigsaw puzzle of a cover for The Fionavar Tapestry.

November 4: A new review for The Sarantine Mosaic, written by Jo Walton and originally appearing at, has been added in the review section. Click here to take a look.

Another article by Guy Kay originally written for The Globe and Mail has been added to the site. Read it here.

October 1: There is a new piece in the professional scholarship section, entitled Kay's Provençe: From Arbonne to Ysabel. It was composed and presented by Fay Ringel.

Thanks to Morgan Mills, who translated another piece of scholarship, "Justinien Visité et Revisité", into English. Click here for the original French or here for the translated English.

September 8: The Czech Republic edition of Ysabel has been added to the art gallery. Check it out!

July 26: A new student paper, this one entitled "'Brightly Woven' or Free to be Bright?" has been added to the scholarship section.

A Spanish paperback edition of The Lions of Al-Rassan has been published, and the cover can be seen in the art gallery section. Take a peek.

June 14: A new undergraduate paper, entitled "Postcolonialism in Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana", has been added to the scholarship section.

March 8: Patricia Gagné's undergraduate essay, "Comment naissent les héros?", has been kindly translated by Morgon Mills, and has been added to the student papers in the scholarship section.

March 7:

An article originally appearing in the Globe & Mail has been added to the GGK words section.

The cover art for the Russian edition of Ysabel has been been added to the art gallery.

January 13: Another article originally written for the Globe & Mail has been added to the GGK Words section. Take a peek.

November 29: A new piece has been added to the reader's art section. Take a look at Anne-Marie Broughton's portrait of Leyse.

November 21: New cover artwork: Roc trade paperback reissue of Tigana.

October 11: New Ysabel reviews by Richard Marcus, Colleen Mondor and Michelle West.

September 26: A new piece of scholarship by Pierre-Louis Malosse. It is called "Justinien Visité et Revisité", and it appeared in the French academic journal Anabases. It is a French paper, and it is about Justinian and Theodora, and Guy Kay's treatment of their 'alternates' of Valerius and Alixana in The Sarantine Mosaic.

September 18:

Some new information on GGK sightings on the readings page.

Links to two new interviews - one audio and one tv! Check them out.

New reviews: of Ysabel, of Beyond this Dark House, and a pair on the Mosaic, one on Sailing to Sarantium and one on Lord of Emperors.

And for the scholarship section we have an entire dissertation! Anya Kleander's "Present Reality in Historical Fantasy" examines Tigana, The Lions of Al-Rassan and The Sarantine Mosaic.

September 14: A few additions:

Some new information on GGK sightings on the readings page.

Links to two new interviews - one audio and one tv! Check them out.

New reviews: of Ysabel, of Beyond this Dark House, and a pair on the Mosaic, one on Sailing to Sarantium and one on Lord of Emperors.

And for the scholarship section we have an entire dissertation! Anya Kleander's "Present Reality in Historical Fantasy" examines Tigana, The Lions of Al-Rassan and The Sarantine Mosaic.

September 3: A few additions:

Two new covers for the art gallery - the German edition of Last Light of the Sun and the French Canadian edition of Ysabel. And a new piece of reader art - Galadan, by Athena Leonti.

A new instrumental piece of music, inspired by A Song for Arbonne!

June 4: A few additions:

- We have an article on the site that GGK wrote originally for the Globe & Mail, and was printed there in May 2008.
"Sometimes evil comes hand in hand with virtue, animated by good intent. It is most worrisome then because we focus on the intentions, the valid cause, and miss the danger. Happens all the time. I heard a story recently and followed it up. Here's the essence..."

- The NoveList readers guide to Ysabel. This is a very thorough, thoughtful treatment of the novel, that not only offers questions to contemplate but some potential answers. Questions include 'whose story is it' and'how do the historical and the personal interact in the novel'. It's a very interesting read albeit full of spoilers!

- The beautiful cover for the new American third paperback edition of A Song for Arbonne.

November 27: There is now a Reader's Guide for Ysabel if you fancy pondering a few questions...

November 26: GGK was recently Toastmaster at the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs. We now have, exclusively for the site, his already-renowned toastmaster address at the awards ceremony...

September 18: Well, we have some info on paperback editions of Ysabel in the news section. We also have a link to an audio interview with GGK in the GGKswords section. And a new cover - the Croatian cover to The Summer Tree - in the Art Gallery. Along with a new undergraduate paper for the scholarship section, on the importance of music and memory in Tigana. What else is new since February? Oh, I got engaged and married :-) One of the reasons for slightly less updating of the site over the last few months.

February 5: I've added an Ysabel reading passage to that section of the site. This is the passage GGK has chosen to read when he is on tour.

January 25: Another review added to the reviews section...

January 24: In the news section, there are details of some Ysabel happenings - an ad in the Globe and Mail, a copy of the poster up in bus shelters across Canada, how much the auction for the first book off the press went for. In the readings section, there are details of GGK's Ysabel book tour. I've also created a reviews page for Ysabel and put up two reviews there - more will follow soon, and others will follow in a few months when I've decided it's ok to add more spoiler-full reviews to the site...

I'm also proud to add another piece of reader art to the gallery - proud because the artist is none other than my sister! Have a look at Naomi's rendering of the riselka..

January 23: Another interview for the site - the first in which GGK talks extensively about his new novel, Ysabel - its inspirations, the different way it deals with history, the idea of a contemporary novel set in our world...


December 22: I've added a 'letter to the reader' that GGK prepared (on request) to go out with early copies of Ysabel to the media, talking about its development. No spoilers in this. We also have a fascinating interview with GGK taken from the official Penguin Ysabel website, that discusses the process of his historical reserach for Ysabel. This does have spoilers in terms of broader themes of history and location, but not at all in terms of story or plot - the spoilerphobic need not be concerned with this one.

December 19: There's a contest abroad online to win a set of GGK's backlist. Check out the news section for the details!

December 18: I've added a press release to the News section, announcing the development of The Last Light of the Sun as a film...

We also have a new student paper for the scholarship section of the site, titled "The Creative Construction of History in Guy Gavriel Kay's The Sarantine Mosaic."

Another addition, to the music & verse section of the site, is a poem sent in by a reader inspired by Arbonne. The poem is called 'The Troubadour'.

October 23: The Croatian cover of The Last Light of the Sun now graces the Art Gallery...

August 4: A poem sent in by Emma Melville, on Fionavar...

July 19: A wonderful poem added to the music & verse section of the site. Simon Fraser wrote his 'Ode to Fionavar' after having read it for the nth time and being inspired by the description of the song Ra-Tenniel sings at the feast after the battle is done...

July 10: Advance viewing of the American cover of Ysabel now in the art gallery. It's gorgeous!

June 12: Details of GGK's forthcoming book are now up on the site! Click here to find out the title, see the Canadian cover, and read a short introduction and an extract!

May 11: An interesting piece of scholarship on Sailing to Sarantium by Dena Taylor, has been added to the site.

May 10: A beautiful piece of reader art added to the art gallery, together with a nice long explanation from Melissa, bright weavings denizen and artist...

May 10: Again, better (very) late than never... I've added a reading passage from The Last Light of the Sun to the passages section of the site, with an introductory comment from GGK as to why he picks that particular passage to read....

April 21: Better late than never... GGK has given me his bibliography for The Last Light of the Sun. So if you're interested in knowing more about some of the background reading GGK did in his research on that book, do hie ye hence to that section...

April 12: Another new paper for the scholarship section, in English this time. This is a paper titled "Guy Gavriel Kay and the Psychology of History." Interesting stuff. It first appeared in Foundation.

April 7: We have a new paper for the scholarship section. This is an undergraduate paper written by Patricia Gagné during her time at the University of Three-Rivers in Quebec, titled Comment naissant les héros?. As you may have worked out from the title and location, the essay is in French. If anyone feels up to translating it, do feel free to send it in! The title means "How are heroes born?"

February 3: We have two new reviews of Last Light of the Sun - in French! From the Quebec Sun, and Le Devoir. There's also a snippet from The Bookseller in News, about the reissue of Fionavar in the UK. The reissue is being graced with the original Martin Springett covers, and we now have beautiful copies of those in the art gallery, along with another new addition - a Danish cover of a Fionavar omnibus. Yes, I've been busy today...the final new piece for the site is an article called 'The Other Side of the Mirror: Tigana' which was written as an introduction to a leatherbound edition of Tigana brought out by Easton Press in 1998, as part of a series of 'masterpieces of fantasy'.

January 20: A fascinating addition to our scholarship section - an undergraduate thesis written on the ideas of myth in fantasy present in The Fionavar Tapestry. With chapters titled "The Importance of Structure in Fantasy", "Kay's Treatment of Archetypes" (one subheading, as an example, gives us: "Kevin and Jennifer: Subverting the "Blonde Bimbo" Stereotype") and "The Structuring Aspect of Myth in The Fionavar Tapestry" this is a really good read...

January 15: News of a reading in California in February, and some new deals for translations of GGK's books in the news/readings sections...

October 14: A new cover in the Last Light section of the art gallery...

July 14: Some awards news in the news section...(and some other news too)

May 29: Our very own Alec Lynch has gifted us with a GGK version of Jeopardy! With categories including: characters, places, name the book, about the author, and party time, there's plenty of fun to be had here! It's a powerpoint file, so give it some time to open up/download when you click the link. Thanks Alec!

Plus, some new covers: The French editions of The Sarantine Mosaic, and the UK paperback and Canadian trade paperback editions of The Last Light of the Sun.

And, a real treat - a radio interview with GGK given to CHRY Radio in Toronto, mainly focused on Beyond this Dark House. It's an mp3 file link, so be patient whilst it downloads.

January 15: A new review of The Last Light of the Sun for the site. The review is by Douglas Barbour, and appeared in The Edmonton Journal.

January 15: A new interview for the site, given originally to the Historical Novels Review...

December 27: A new interview for the site, given to Rambles Magazine. Addressing such questions as whether GGK would do something different if he was writing Fionavar now, what the famous 'middle book of a trilogy' problem is, how important historical accuracy is in fiction...

June 8: Two new pieces of reader art sent in to the site now grace our art gallery. David Dang's portrait of Lancelot fighting Curdadh, and Myaah's presentation of Jaelle...

June 2: A new essay for the scholarship section of the site - Joyce Gutensohn's MA thesis which includes a chapter on Tigana and music... fascinating reading.

May 31: A new cover for the site - the Polish cover of Lord of Emperors. Beautiful colous...

May 7: A special offer for Bright Weavings visitors from Locus magazine. Order the April issue of Locus, which includes a long interview with Guy Gavriel Kay and get it postage free (save $2.00) or get it completely free with a subscription! To see the front cover of the April edition, click here. To see the first page of the interview, click here. And to take advantage of the special offer, click through here.

May 7: In March I announced the availability of a CD of GGK inspired music by Martin Springett, called, appropriately enough, Bright Weaving. To complement that, we now have a review of the CD by Francois Vincent, BW denizen, and an essay by Martin himself on the genesis of the music.

May 7: Two more reviews of The Last Light of the Sun to grace the reviews section of the site. One from The Washington Post, one from The Toronto Star.

March 31: We open the new Last Light of the Sun reviews page with two reviews, one from Cheryl Morgan's Emerald City and one from Challenging Destiny. Incidentally, there have been numerous reviews appearing in national newspapers, and they have been very positive, but we haven't yet got permission to add them here.

March 31: Some new Fionavar covers discovered on the internet - these from a French bookclub edition.

March 15: Martin Springett is bringing out a new CD of music he has composed (and plays) inspired by GGK's work. We have two samples of his music on the site already (here), and details of the CD can be found here.

February 28: A new interview on the site, from the ezine Deep Magic, with questions about how GGK's first book was published, how the internet has affected his relationship with readers and publishers, whether he has any favourite characters, and more...

February 26: A chance for readers to see the author/reader dynamic from the other side of the equation. I'm very happy to inform you all that GGK has agreed to write an online tour journal for the duration of his Canadian media tour for The Last Light of the Sun, which will appear on Bright Weavings. As you all know, The Last Light of the Sun is appearing in all English-language markets now, or is being released momentarily, and GGK is about to begin his tour.
On Penguin Canada's website, GGK is quoted as seeing this as a new application of a longstanding print tradition of authors recounting their (mis)adventures on the book tour road.
He says: "It also occurred to me that given internet technology, there's no obvious reason why only people in Vancouver or Ottawa or other tour cities should have access to an author's thoughts while he or she is doing interviews and meeting with readers. There's no way to cyber-sign a book, yet (yet!), but I'm hoping the tour journal for The Last Light of the Sun offers some sense of connection for readers and surfers. I'm also hoping that, as I whip from city to city for the next little while, I remain alert and functional enough to keep it lively!"

You can access the Tour Journal from the forums homepage. There's a preliminary post there already.

February 18: Details of GGK's March reading tour for the launch of LLoTS now on the readings page.

February 17: The 20th Anniversary Edition of The Fionavar Tapestry is now available across Canada. The publishers have kindly agreed to let us reproduce the new Afterword written for the book by GGK here...

January 14: In preparation for the publication of the new novel, The Last Light of the Sun, in March/April 2004 (depending where you are), there are now new subsections in the Books section and the Art Gallery section. So to read the blurb that you'll find on the Canadian edition of the book, visit the new page on Last Light of the Sun in the books section, and to see the covers, visit the new page in the art gallery.

January 14: A new review of The Fionavar Tapestry, from Matthew Winslow of The Green Man Review. Great books, great review, from one of the first people ever to email me and compliment me on Bright Weavings when it first went live...

Janary 13: Another new cover - this is a cover for a new omnibus edition of the Tapestry to appear in Russia.

January 13: The covers for the new 20th Anniversary Edition of The Fionavar Tapestry due to be released Jan 30th are now up in the art gallery. Click on the covers to see full wrap around images.

January 11: A new review of Beyond this Dark House to grace the reviews section.

October 28: A new cover for the site - the Russian edition of The Lions of Al Rassan.

October 8: A great new addition for the 'Funstuff' section of the site. Sara Strand aka Silvestris has created a beautiful version of the tarot deck using characters and situations from Fionavar. She explains the traditional symbolism behind each card, and why she chose the representative from Fionavar for that particular card. Interesting ideas, and beautiful cards!

September 16: Some rather pertinent information - source of inspiration for upcoming novel - to be found in the News section...

September 15: A new review of Beyond this Dark House for the site, from Cheryl Morgan's Hugo nominated ezine, Emerald City.

September 14: If any of you folks are interested in the various adventures of some Bright Weavings denizens who went to Torcon and had a gathering with GGK himself, there are reports, a photo (more to come) and limericks penned by the men himself about, ahem, the forums. This thread.

August 11: A new piece of music for the site: Martin Springett's 'Dianora' - an obviously Kay-inspired instrumental piece that is beautiful and haunting...

August 5: An article on A Song for Arbonne, its place in fantasy and its treatment of politics and power. Written in French, also available to read in English translation...

August 3: We have two new covers for the Art Gallery - books 1 and 2 of the Finnish edition of Tigana, together with some comments from the artist on the design he chose and why.

July 28: I've added graphics of the paperback Canadian covers of The Sarantine Mosaic - similar to the hardback, but with noteworthy differences...

July 28: A new review of Sailing to Sarantium by Thomas Wagner of SF Reviews.Net

July 28: An interview of GGK by Sandy Auden for the UK SF Channel website...

May 19: Another review of Beyond this Dark House for the site, this one written by author Alma A. Hromic for

May 15: Hurrah! We have two reviews of GGK's new book of poetry, Beyond this Dark House, one from Quill & Quire, the other from Locus.

March 30: An alert to tell you all that full details of GGK's poetry reading tour are now available in the Readings & Screenings section of the site. So if you live in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton or Winnipeg - or are visiting any of those places in April - check out when you'll be able to hear him read.

March 11: With the publication of Beyond this Dark House less than a month away, we have a small but significant new addition to the site: some questions and answers about GGK and his poetry writing...

February 26: A new paper for the student area of the scholarship section; Adrienne Johannson's Weaving Legitimacy: Kay's Use of Mythology in The Fionavar Tapestry. The essay concerns the idea that by using and adapting the mythology of our world for Fionavar, Kay was lending legitimacy to his own creation; especially to the idea that Fionavar was the 'first world'.


October 10: A new and fascinating paper for the professional scholarship section of the site - 'From Middle Earth to Fionavar: Free Will and Sacrifice in High Fantasy by J.R.R. Tolkien and Guy Gavriel Kay', by Susannah Clements, presented at the Conference on Christianity and Literature this year.

October 9: Some new covers for the site - the French Canadian editions of Sailing to Sarantium ande Lord of Emperors, published by Alire.

September 26: A very exciting event for Bright Weavings: I've added a new subsection in the Books section of the site for the new book that will be out next year (for those who haven't checked out the news section, it's a book of poetry). Usually the Books section acts as an index to link all the book-specific items site-wide together. For obvious reasons, we don't have much on the new book yet, but I've put that section in now in anticipation, and also to showcase the real new additions - the catalogue copy put out by Penguin Canada about the forthcoming release, together with a copy of the cover of the book. So check it out now!

September 25:Jes Perry is a singer/songwriter from Boston whose first full length cd of original music is due out this autumn. One of the tunes on the cd is entitled 'The Summer Tree' and is based on - you guessed it - some of the images and themes in The Summer Tree together with references to ancient myths. Despite having a slot on, Jes has very generously said that she'd like Bright Weavings to be the exclusive place on the web where you can hear the song. Enjoy - it's great!

September 24: Our foreign language reviews are gradually becoming comprehensible to the English speakers on the website - thanks to Thomas Osypowicz who sent in translations of the Polish reviews of Fionavar and Tigana that we have on the site.

Also new on the site, the covers of the German edition of Lord of Emperors - put out as two books, so we get two covers.

September 23: A new interview for the site, conducted by Guy Haley for SFX magazine. Kind of a GGK 101, including how working on The Silmarillion crystallised GGK's desire to be a writer, and why he writes historical fantasy.

August 7: I've added a copy of the map of Sarantium and the surrounding countries to the site, for the benefit of Australian readers, whose editions for some reason didn't include the map. Of course you're allowed to take a peek even if you're not Australian...

August 1: More links to foreign language reviews - we have links to Polish reviews of Fionavar and Tigana...

July 19: Two new cover images for the site - the Polish cover of Sailing to Sarantium, and the American cover of a new trade paperback edition of A Song for Arbonne, due out in November.

July 18: In the reviews section, there are some links to some foreign language reviews of GGK's books. Marie Adele sent in a translation of one of the French reviews of Tigana - just as well, because the link to the original review seems to be no longer extant! But at least now you can read the translation...

July 17: When I was at university, I took a course in Arthurian Legend, but the Fionavar Tapestry wasn't on the syllabus. Shelley McLennan took a similar course this year at the University of Waterloo, but she managed to write her final paper on the Tapestry, and we have it here on the site: The Themes of Fate and Free-will in the Fionavar Tapestry.

March 31: A new cover from Croatia - from their issue of A Song for Arbonne. Another lovely cover from Igor Kordey, reminiscent of the John Howe cover, with the Arch of the Ancients by Lake Dierne being shown as backdrop to the scene that opens the book...

March 31: A new poem for the site, sent in by a reader, William Bazzell, and inspired, as will be clear, by The Lions of Al-Rassan and the beautiful cities that existed for a time, before their destruction in the fall of the khalifate.

March 21: Just an alert to tell you that the subscription mechanism for the newsletter wasn't working for the past week, so if you subscribed to the newsletter after March 12th, I won't have received the subscription, so please resubmit. It's working now...

March 12: A new image for the site sent in by a reader - Annah Hutchings has given us her conception of Lisen of the Wood...

March 10: New GGK appearances scheduled in Canada... details in Readings & Screenings...

February 28: A new cover just out - the Croatian cover for Lord of Emperors, done by the very talented Igor Kordey, who's done all the recent GGK Croatian covers. GGK is very popular over there - both volumes of The Sarantine Mosaic are currently on the bestseller lists.

February 10: A new interview on the site - conducted at the World Fantasy Con in Montreal, in November 2001, for Voyageur magazine. Topics covered include how to achieve texture and realism of place in novels, the use of archetypes and mythic structure and plot in the construction of GGK's novels, and whether GGK's views of the importance of privacy in society have changed in light of recent world events.

February 6: A new link on the links page, to an article on Sports of the Byzantine Empire - relevant for added info on chariot racing etc.

February 5: A stunning new cover for the site - the new Spanish edition of Lord of Emperors, which has been retitled in Spanish as King of Light and Shadow. See the cover, and a pop-up comment on it from GGK, here.

January 16: More important details revealed about what GGK's going to be up to as Guest of Honour at Ad Astra in February in the Readings & Screenings section...

January 10: Another new cover for the site - the new Israeli edition of Tigana, published in December. An interesting adaptation of the Mel Odom cover: click here


December 11: Some new covers for the site. We finally have copies of the Dutch covers of The Wandering Fire and The Darkest Road, which can be found on the Fionavar page of the Art Gallery, as well as the new covers for reprint editions of Tigana and A Song for Arbonne, just out in Holland, by Meulenhoff.

December 10: Three new Springett images for the site! Martin has added to his collection of 'People of Fionavar' with images of Eilathen of the Lake, the goddess Dana, and the Battle between Galadan and Cavall in front of the Summer Tree. Not only has he graced the site with these three new images, but he has also put together details of a 'Brightly Woven Portfolio' which can be bought through the site, including all five of his 'People of Fionavar' images, either as prints, posters, bookmarks or cards. See the images and details of the portfolio in Images of Fionavar.

December 2: The brilliant historical novelist Dorothy Dunnett died in November of inoperable cancer. GGK knew her for more than 25 years, and has given us an appreciation in memoriam...

December 2: Something very special for the site - a piece that mingles real scholarship about art and literature, scholarly parody, elements of fiction, commentary on many of GGK's themes, and also manages to be very funny: an essay by Andrew Patton (a noted Imperial-regime scholar of Sarantine History) We See by Jad's Light Alone: Guy Gavriel Kay and the New Sanctuary Mosaicist.

November 11: I am very happy to announce a new section for the site - within GGK's Words there is now a section called 'poetry' - as GGK has given me three original poems for the site. There may be more in the future - for now we have one poem written for Dorothy Dunnett many years ago, posted to the site in memoriam, and two poems that GGK wrote for inclusion on a CD-Rom given to participants of the 2001 World Fantasy Convention. Unsurprisingly, all of the poems are wonderful...

November 1: Bright Weavings moved server last month, and for a while I didn't realise that the newsletter signup wasn't working. It's fixed now, but if you signed up for the newsletter between October 13th and 27th, your signup won't have reached me. Please sign up again! And don't forget you can always read the archived newsletters on the site.

October 24: More exciting art for the site - this time a piece submitted by a reader - a wood carving inspired by The Sarantine Mosaic. Click through for Peter Bloch-Hansens' explanation of his Sarantine Collage, and a picture of the carving...

October 23: A new cover for the art gallery - the Croatian cover for Sailing to Sarantium. The cover was painted by Igor Kordey, who also did the covers for the Croatian editions of Lions and Tigana. It is a detail from a full-wrap painting, and we also have a copy of the full painting on the site - well worth a look.

October 22: A new piece of music sent in by a reader - Alex Hancock has composed a melody inspired by Tigana, and we have an MP3 of him playing it on guitar. I think it's beautiful, and very evocative...

August 29: A new essay for the site - or rather, a speech. GGK was invited to be a keynote speaker at the 2001 Annual Conference of the Ontario College Association of Language and Learning, and I have the text of the speech transcribed for the site. GGK makes mention of some of the topics we're familiar with, such as the use of fantasy when exploring history, but he also explores ideas of teaching and literature that anyone who has felt the thrill and expansion of studying and understanding truly great literature will recognise...

August 28: Plenty of new cover art on the site - check out the covers for the Russian edition of The Fionavar Tapestry and for the imminent French paperback repackaging of Fionavar. Plus, the cover of the second book (of four) of the German translation of The Sarantine Mosaic.

July 22: Stop the press! Lord of Emperors has been nominated as a finalist in a new Canadian award for fantasy literature. Visit the news page for more details, including the official press release.

July 21: A new sub-section for the music section! Until now, the music section consisted of songs from GGK's books that had been set to music. We now have a new page, of songs not directly from the books, but inspired by the books. There are songs by four talented people on the site so far, including two professional singer/songwriters. Most of the songs on the site at the moment aren't audio: some are lyrics only, some have musical notation, one has been recorded but is not yet available on the site, and one has been recorded and is available to listen to. See and listen for yourselves if you click through to the new section, music inspired by the books.

July 17: Some new cover art, including that of a German edition of The Sarantine Mosaic, a Croatian Arbonne cover, and UK reprints of A Song for Arbonne and The Lions of Al-Rassan. I'm going to let you do the work for a change, and just provide a link to the art gallery - you can get to the various pages yourselves!

June 13: Well this will be a bit obvious to any regular visitor, but Bright Weavings has had a facelift! I've been working on this redesign for a while, and thought it would be apropos to put it live this week, a year after the launch of the site. So happy first birthday to Bright Weavings, and here's some new 'clothes.' Other than the 'look 'n feel' nothing much has changed: the most significant difference is that sub-section navigation is now integrated into a right side navigation bar. Nothing has gone, but there are a few additions to the site:
- A search engine! If you're looking for what we have on a particular character, topic, etc... just type it into the box on the left, below the navigation, and you'll find it.
- A sitemap: To augment the search engine, and the books pages (which are indexes to everything book-specific), I've created a sitemap, which you'll be able to use to see literally everything that is on the site in one go.
- An FAQ: I get many emails from visitors to the site, asking all kinds of questions about GGK and his books. I've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, and put the answers together on the site for people to see. Do feel free to keep emailing - but the FAQ will help with many questions...
- I've added a few more books to my book recommendations page...

June 11: Notice to newsletter subscribers - If you subscribed to the newsletter between the 1st and 11th of June, I won't have received your subscription, as there was a problem with the server. Please subscribe again.

May 30: A selection of new hotbars on the site! I've been playing with quotes from the different books and images to go with them. So if you want a beautiful sunrise to accompany the Fionavarrian phrase 'The Sun Rises in Your Eyes' or a picture of the real 'Avalle of the Towers' (San Gimignano in Italy) on your computer screens, go and have a look at the new offerings...

May 29: A new interview on the site, conducted by Peter Halasz for the New York Review of Science Fiction. A lot of great detail on how GGK actually goes about writing a novel, on the themes and structural differences between the two books of the Mosaic, the games an 8 year old writer-in-the-making plays with his friends, and more.

May 16: We have two new reviews on the site, both from past issues of The New York Review of Science Fiction, by Joe Milicia. Click on the title to read a review of Sailing to Sarantium and/or Lord of Emperors.

April 26: Specially for the site, Martin Springett has written a fascinating essay that delves into the process of creating a book cover, and in particular into the creation of his Fionavar covers. He's also given us some of his early sketches from his first explorations of the themes and ideas he would use...

April 25: A new piece of artwork by a reader has been posted on the site! Sara Silvestris' depiction of Galadan of the Andain with two of his wolves is beautifully rendered. She has definitely captured something of Galadan...

April 11: There's a new essay on the site by GGK, about the ever fascinating and amusing phenomenon of mondegreens. Don't know what they are? Go find out...

April 10: I've created a new sub-section of news called 'Readings and Screenings.' As you'll probably be able to guess, it'll detail when and where GGK is appearing as a guest speaker/panelist etc, whether on or offline, so those who want to join an online chat or go along to a live reading will know about them and can do so. You can click through from the graphic on the right, and you'll also be able to click through from the news section. There's an event today, so hurry and find out!

March 28: ROC USA are relaunching The Fionavar Tapestry in trade paperback (The Summer Tree will be launched in April, followed shortly after by the two other volumes). In honour of the relaunch, the books will appear with new artwork - by Don Maitz and Janny Wurts. Maitz and Wurts have never before collaborated professionally, and this marks the first time in a decade that Wurts has done covers for any books but her own. Bright Weavings is honoured to be the first place to showcase the covers. Not only that, but Don Maitz and Janny Wurts have issued a press release about their Fionavar artwork. Click through to the art gallery to see the covers and read the press release.

March 27: The competition to name the newsletter is closed, and a winner chosen. If you're not on the mailing list, and you want to know the winning entry, check out the archived copy of the newsletter announcing the winner.

March 5: The first newsletter went out at the end of February, and I've now created an archive so that people can read them online - a good way to see if you want to subscribe, and to keep up with what's happening on the site. And to mark the launch of the newsletter, we're having a competition - to name it! Entries have to be in by the 19th of March, that's two weeks from today. You can send in as many suggestions as you like, but they should be fun, clever and relevant to the site. The winner will get a Galadan poster signed by both Martin Springett and GGK, and also a set of Martin's Fionavar bookmarks. I'll be the final judge, but GGK has promised to comment and advise (although he warns that his weakness for bad puns undermines his credibility as a judge). So send me your suggestions now!

February 28:Two wonderful new additions to the site from our resident artist Martin Springett:
  • Some fabulous laminated bookmarks to complement his posters, with details from the covers of his Fionavar Tapestry covers.
  • Martin has also designed the next poster in his series 'People of Fionavar' featuring the wolflord, Galadan of the Andain.

    February 27: Some new links in the links section, all connected with Byzantium and the inspiration behind The Sarantine Mosaic.

    February 27: The paperback edition of Lord of Emperors is now out in Canada, the UK and the US, and in the UK it's been published with a new cover, which will be followed by more covers following the same theme for the next UK editions of Sailing, Lions and Arbonne. Also new on the site is the adapted Cathy McLean Sailing to Sarantium cover for the recent Spanish publication of the book.
    February 10: Subscribe to the new Bright Weavings newsletter!

    January 29: Some interesting tidbits in the news section....

    January 28:Two of the editors of the online magazine Strange Horizons undertook to examine the eight GGK novels in relation to each other; to trace the progression from Tapestry to Mosaic, as it were. They also provide a very useful background article on the relevant histories. The article and the accompanying review of The Sarantine Mosaic take the form of a dialogue. Read them in a great new addition to the site: From Tapestry to Mosaic: The Fantasy Novels of Guy Gavriel Kay.

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