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As of January 2002, there is way people can get signed, personalized copies of in-print Canadian editions of GGK's books. Here's how:

Over the past few years, a great many readers have asked me to autograph and personalize copies of my books: for themselves, or often for friends or spouses, as gifts. I always try to accomodate these requests, but it gets complex with cross-border shipments and I'm afraid it can also become a nuisance for my literary agency, which has been good enough to serve as a mail drop for these packages going back and forth. Over the holiday break I did some thinking about this, and had a coffee with the manager of Book City on Danforth Avenue, here in Toronto, one of my favourite bookstores. They've agreed to something I hope will please the Brightweavings denizens, and simplify a process for all of us. I'm very grateful to the Book City people for helping craft at least a partial solution to a situation where it was becoming difficult to accede to a great many requests. -- GGK

So, anyone wishing to purchase a signed copy of one of the in-print Canadian editions can call Book City at 416.469.9997 and give them either a VISA or Mastercard number to pay for the book and shipping costs to wherever you are. (They'll tell you the costs.) The staff at the store will hold the book for GGK to sign and personalize (be sure to spell the name carefully for them!) and then ship it to you. There are limitations to this, obviously. Those of you wanting existing copies signed will have to try to catch up with GGK at a conference or reading somewhere - I'll usually post when and where he's doing public appearances. The other limitation is - to repeat - that this applies to the in-print Canadian editions.

As of April 2010, U.S. editions may be purchased through The Signed Page's website:

And for any other editions of GGK's books, or any other online book shopping you feel like doing, Bright Weavings is proud to have associate status with,, and, representing the three major English speaking markets for GGK's books. To buy any of GGK's books, visit the books pages, and you will find links to these sites, so you can buy English, American, or Canadian editions. The rest of the books listed on the site have been linked to (bibliographies section, and my own reading recommendations, in the introductory section), as the site likely to be used most by visitors to Bright Weavings. These are all direct links to particular books. However, if you are intending to buy something online that doesn't appear as an actual link on this site, and you feel like making any kind of material acknowledgement of the benefits you have had from Bright Weavings, then a click through to any of those sites through the graphics below will mean that I will get a few pennies in return for steering your custom that way. I've also put an Amazon searchbox on the right hand side of each page of the site - which means one less click for you as you can actually input the name of the book you're looking for and go straight to that page. I appreciate the consideration of those who use these links when they're buying books. Who knows - in 10 years maybe I'll have made enough to pay for the literature M.A. I'd love to do!


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