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Art Gallery

Cover Art

The bulk of this section is concerned with the cover art used for the various different covers of GGK's books, as you'll see from the navigation above. With books translated into more than 14 languages, that means a fair number of different covers. Not only that, but even the English language publications in different countries often had different covers, and even within the same country, new editions were often rejacketed. There are issues of marketing and style connected with cover art, not purely varied artistic taste (or lack of it, sometimes!), and GGK may at times provide explanations and/or opinions of some of the cover art used for his books (just look out for the Arthur icon). For those of us not in the publishing world, it might also come as a surprise to know that authors often have very little control over the cover art for their books. I find the different covers fascinating myself - some are beautiful, some...aren't. But the surest way for you to find out for yourselves is just to click through and see what you think. And feel free to email in to the site with your reactions - what you like, what you hate, what you think they got completely and utterly wrong....I'll put interesting letters up on the site. Also - if there are any covers that you happen to have graphics of that aren't on the site - please do send them in, and I'll be able to add them.

Images of Fionavar

We are privileged to have the very talented Mr Martin Springett contributing to this site. Martin created the very first covers for GGK's The Fionavar Tapestry, and those covers are reproduced here in poster form, which are also available to buy. Martin is also contributing a number of new illustrations of Fionavar to this site, which will increase over time. Click through to see his images of Fionavar; of the characters that inhabit it, and of scenes from the books...

Reader Art

We have quite a few pieces of reader art on the site that readers have sent in. A fabulous representation of the characters and scenes of Fionavar, a portrait of Galadan, a portrait of Lisen, a carving of themes and characters of Sarantium, and more. Have you been inspired by any of GGK's books to create your own art? If you would like to send in any artwork you have done that is inspired by the books, please do. Martin Springett is going to be our 'judge' for artistic submissions - and will give his ok to your contributions. Nice to have a professional artist approve! Just scan them in, and send them to me...

Art Gallery
Images of Fionavar
Reader Art
Cover Art:
Covers: The Fionavar Tapestry
Covers: Tigana
Covers: A Song for Arbonne
Covers: The Lions of Al-Rassan
Covers: The Sarantine Mosaic
Beyond this Dark House
Last Light of the Sun
Under Heaven
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